Keynotes And Professional Speaking

Marjorie JohnsonLeadership

  • How To Take Your Company From Functional To Exceptional
  • Mindful Leadership: 4 Steps To Business Results And Personal Resilience
  • Unleashing Potential For Maximum Engagement
  • Career Development Strategies For High Potentials

Communication And Networking

  • Getting To WE: Creating Collaborative Culture Through Masterful Communication
  • Got Workplace Tension? Difficult Conversations Made Easier
  • Power Talk For Successful Women
  • 7 Steps To Deliver A Great Presentation
  • Expand Your Business Through Networking And Use Of Self
  • It’s EQ Not IQ: Applying Emotional Intelligence Competencies To Executive Job Search
  •  It’s NOT Just About What You Know: Building Business Relationships That Last


  • Essential Skills For The New Manager
  • Teamwork is No Accident! How To Lead Your Team To Exceptional Results
  • Delegation: Why And How To Make It Work

Stress Management

  • Successful Stress Management For Mid-Life Managers
  • Breathe Your Way To Healthy! Increase Wellness Through Mindfulness
  • Beyond Work-Life Balance To Resilience
  • Save Our Employees: The High Costs Of Runaway Stress
  • How To Manage Multiple Priorities And Stay Organized



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