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Goal Setting Boot Camp—October 14, 2016

goal setting with an executive coachDo you want to achieve some big goals?
Not sure where to start?
Afraid you’ll get stuck or fall off track?

Register for this half-day boot camp, designed to provide clear, achievable action steps and follow-through to success!

The small group setting provides the bonus of others’ creativity and experience! Boot camp will empower you to:
•  Tie your specific goals to action steps
•  Anticipate and plan for obstacles
•  Create milestones to track your achievement
•  Get and stay unstuck!

Your investment includes:
•  Initial individual coaching session and pre-work
•  Half-day of formal presentations, group work, and on-the-spot coaching
•  Follow-up individual coaching to ensure success!

When: October 14, 2016, 8 am- 1 pm (lunch is included)
Where: American Executive Center
101 Lindenwood Dr., Suite 225
Malvern, Pennsylvania 19355
Cost: $849 for 5 hours of group work, plus 2 hours of individual coaching!

Register by September 1st and get $100 off!
Don’t delay—boot camp is limited to 15 participants!
Call 610-696-4443 to register.
(Next boot camp will be offered in January.)

Marjorie Johnson,
Executive Coach

Mindfulness Meditation Group starts: Thursday, September 29, 2016

Autumn in Boston Public Garden

Fall Mindfulness Meditation Group:

Looking to De-stress?

You are invited to be: Still, Relaxed and be Present!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

6 weeks ($180) includes CD “Come to the Quiet”.

937 Prichard Ave. West Chester, PA 19382


To contact us:  (610)696-4443 (or) Marjorie@ascendconsulting.net

Learn Mindfulness Mediation and how to apply mindfulness principles to manage: Stress, Anxiety and Depression.  This Psycho-educational support group is facilitated by Marjorie R. Johnson, Clinical Social Worker and Coach.  This group my be submitted to insurance.

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Problem or Opportunity




The sun is coming up really early these days! Depending on your perspective (and how dark your curtains) this might be an opportunity or a problem. If you are like me, sometimes that bright early sun is not really what I asked for.  Yet, after some grumbling, I get up, sip coffee on the deck and decide to use these unasked-for moments to meditate and plan my day.  Our moment to moment reality is similar.Life’s curve balls can turn into opportunities if we stop fighting and let go.

Whether in business or in your personal life the following strategies may help you to adjust to what is and even gain from the unexpected:

  1. Breathe. When we slow down and breathe deeply we can stop fighting with the unexpected. Make a conscious decision to accept with what is and address it.
  2. Explore options to respond to the challenge.  Ask others for support and brainstorm potential solutions.
  3. Look for the gift in the situation: Maybe getting up with the birds is actually a blessing!
  4. Reprioritize based on the new reality.

Some of life’s detours take us to beautiful places and some are really difficult. Each is to be experienced and can be learned from.   When planning its helpful to allow for things to go wrong or take longer than expected.   Then we can be less reactive when changes happen.  If all else fails, we can choose gratitude for the opportunity to learn something from life’s curve ball.




Upcoming Events

Marjorie Johnson presents for CHADD- Difficult Conversations:  For Adults with ADHD and (Those Who Love Them).  .  June 14, 2106, 7pm.   Click to Learn More.

ERCC (Exton Regional Chamber of Commerce)

Golf Outing

May 16, 2016

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Public Speaking Fears…How to avoid them

“The Most precious things in speech are the pauses“. ~ Sir Ralph Richardson

“I’d rather Die Than Speak in Public”.

If you are someone who dreads public speaking, you are not alone.  Discover small strategies to overcome both the anxiety and lack of experience.

  1.  Have only 1-3 main points you will convey.

  2.  There are 3 main sections of any presentations:

  • Intro- Tell them what you’re going to tell them.
  • Body- Tell Them.
  • Recap- Tell them what you’ve told them.

   3.  Before beginning to speak, Breathe….wait a moment or two to calm down. Your listeners will be more attentive.

  4. Speak very slowly. Do NOT rush!

  5.  When you want to say “um” or “you know”, simply put your lips together and pause. The pause works for you as it creates expectancy in the audience.

  6. Encompass the whole room with your eyes. Look just above the heads of your audience. Look left, center and right. REMEBER TO SMILE!

Stay tuned for more tips to take the fear out of public speaking.

Why suffer in silence? Call Ascend Consulting: 610-696-4443, to experience how professional coaching can help you to communicate MASTERFULLY!

April 20, 2016 Mindfulness Group

Mindfulness Meditation Group

starting Wednesday, April 20, 2016

6 weeks

Marjorie R. Johnson, LCSW, PCC

7:30- 8:45 pm

937 Prichard Ave. West Chester, PA 19382

$180 includes the CD “Come to the Quiet”.

Join the Mindfulness Meditation Group to learn how to apply mindfulness principles to manage:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

This psycho educational support group is facilitated by Marjorie R. Johnson, Clinical Social Worker and Coach. This group may be submitted to insurance.

Call to register: 610-696-4443