Systemic Team Coaching

Does your team need improved collective performance and expanded communication with key stakeholders?

Team Coaching often focuses on the team’s internal functioning and ability to coalesce, discuss issues, solve problems, and strategize collectively. While we deliver team building and facilitation for new or stuck teams to improve trust and communication, our Systemic Team Coaching (STC) goes deeper. This approach is developmental: it empowers the team to improve its connectivity with its stakeholders throughout the organization and its environment.

Using a systemic approach, we help the team to become a place where “question storming” is the norm and thinking together focuses on outcomes that benefit the organization as a whole rather than individual silos. We partner with the team to expand its ability to solicit and hear feedback from stakeholders throughout the organization and its larger environment. This outside-in perspective considers the organization within its total environment so decisions are more fully informed. We also help the team to think “future back” about who, what, and how they need to be five years from now.

Systemic Team Coaching:

  • Helps teams and leaders to think beyond silos to be thought partners with the organization’s larger objectives as a whole
  • Opens up communication between teams and across the organization to learn and address the needs of all key stakeholders
  • Intentionally captures learning as it is occurring to ensure organizations stay nimble and relevant during any major transition, such as hybrid work
  • Enables fast adaptation in your organization

Break out of business and culture as usual with this transformative systemic approach.


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