Did you know Marjorie offers Team Coaching from a systemic perspective?

Team Coaching

Advance your team to its highest potential with Systemic Team Coaching

Is your team

  • Experiencing high conflict and low trust?
  • Facing goals misaligned with organizational needs?
  • Lacking a clear compelling purpose?

The problems teams face are many and are not neatly “fixed” by a one-off training or team building exercise. Systemic Team Coaching works with the team to not only create a solid charter of core purpose and high trust: STC ensures that all the key stakeholders have a voice to inform the team what the entire organization and its clients, community and environment needs both today and in the future.

If your team is experiencing high conflict/low trust, has goals that are misaligned with organizational needs, or lacks a clear, compelling purpose, let’s have a conversation.

I look forward to supporting your team to become a high value creating team, in which the whole is even greater than the sum of its parts.


Marjorie R. Johnson, LCSW, PCC, is a Certified Team Coach Practitioner (Global Team Coach Institute) and an executive coach.

Executive and Systemic Team Coaching • Career Coaching • Training and Development

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