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Leadership Coach

Mastering the Art of Leadership Excellence: Foundational Principles for Success

What does it mean to be an excellent leader? This is a repeated topic talked about in esteemed business publications, motivational speeches, training programs, and performance reviews. As an Executive ...
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Leadership Team - hands working together showing management team productivity

Your senior leadership team is strong. Why is your organization falling short?

If your senior leadership team is strong, well-trusted, and committed to your goals, why does your organization seem to be falling short? One challenge to look for are disconnects between your team, ...
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Collage of leadership team working together

Empower Your Senior Leadership Team to Lead as a Team.

As I've coached executives from high-potential middle managers through the entire senior leadership team, one of the biggest challenges I've encountered is helping the CEO truly empower their team to ...
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Group of women celebrating women leaders

You Go Girl! – Celebrating High-Achieving Women Leaders

As a girl, I was taught to work hard, never be lazy, always do the work first (the work is never done) and get straight A's - no matter what ...
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Organizational Resilience

Improve Your Personal and Organizational Resilience

Paying attention to your personal wellbeing is essential for sustainable success. Despite the demands to do, be and accomplish more in this "always-on" 24/7 world, wellbeing begins with slowing down ...
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Team Coaching

Did you know Marjorie offers Team Coaching from a systemic perspective?

Advance your team to its highest potential with Systemic Team Coaching Is your team Experiencing high conflict and low trust? Facing goals misaligned with organizational needs? Lacking a clear compelling ...
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Executive Coaching

Beginning Again – The Power of Presence

As we begin Summer, many of us are feeling relieved. Kids are happy for the summer off from school. Teachers can relax without the pressures of Covid necessitating simultaneous in-person ...
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Executive Coaching Services

The Importance of Leadership Alignment

The Importance of Leadership Alignment What would your direct reports say if asked about the alignment of your Senior Leadership Team based on your behavior? Would your DRs say the ...
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Executive Coaching Services

Addressing Top Challenges of Senior Leadership Teams

What are the top 3 challenges of your senior leadership team? Many organizations cite lack of trust, lack of alignment, and lack of accountability for deliverables. One of the best ...
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