Problem or Opportunity




The sun is coming up really early these days! Depending on your perspective (and how dark your curtains) this might be an opportunity or a problem. If you are like me, sometimes that bright early sun is not really what I asked for.  Yet, after some grumbling, I get up, sip coffee on the deck and decide to use these unasked-for moments to meditate and plan my day.  Our moment to moment reality is similar.Life’s curve balls can turn into opportunities if we stop fighting and let go.

Whether in business or in your personal life the following strategies may help you to adjust to what is and even gain from the unexpected:

  1. Breathe. When we slow down and breathe deeply we can stop fighting with the unexpected. Make a conscious decision to accept with what is and address it.
  2. Explore options to respond to the challenge.  Ask others for support and brainstorm potential solutions.
  3. Look for the gift in the situation: Maybe getting up with the birds is actually a blessing!
  4. Reprioritize based on the new reality.

Some of life’s detours take us to beautiful places and some are really difficult. Each is to be experienced and can be learned from.   When planning its helpful to allow for things to go wrong or take longer than expected.   Then we can be less reactive when changes happen.  If all else fails, we can choose gratitude for the opportunity to learn something from life’s curve ball.




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