Public Speaking Fears…How to avoid them

“The Most precious things in speech are the pauses“. ~ Sir Ralph Richardson

“I’d rather Die Than Speak in Public”.

If you are someone who dreads public speaking, you are not alone.  Discover small strategies to overcome both the anxiety and lack of experience.

  1.  Have only 1-3 main points you will convey.

  2.  There are 3 main sections of any presentations:

  • Intro- Tell them what you’re going to tell them.
  • Body- Tell Them.
  • Recap- Tell them what you’ve told them.

   3.  Before beginning to speak, Breathe….wait a moment or two to calm down. Your listeners will be more attentive.

  4. Speak very slowly. Do NOT rush!

  5.  When you want to say “um” or “you know”, simply put your lips together and pause. The pause works for you as it creates expectancy in the audience.

  6. Encompass the whole room with your eyes. Look just above the heads of your audience. Look left, center and right. REMEBER TO SMILE!

Stay tuned for more tips to take the fear out of public speaking.

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