Leadership Training

Leaders empower people to meet shared goals through influence, direction and inspiration. We deliver leadership training to the new manager as well as those being promoted to higher levels in the organization. Leadership is not inborn, but learned through a mindful process of increasing self-awareness and self-management, and awareness of and responsiveness to others.  Leadership training is an essential part of development that polishes the skills of influence, strategic thinking, optimizing employee performance, and building collaborative relationships.

Specific Programs Include:

How To Take Your Company From Functional To Exceptional

  • Developing¬† Self-Leadership
    • Exceptional leadership attributes
    • Emotional intelligence competencies
  • Empowering Employee Excellence
    • Environmental assessment
    • Performance improvement
  • Building An Enduring Culture Of Excellence
    • Strategic planning by team
    • Nurturing the culture to create future leaders
    • Continuous improvement

Time Management
Strategic Stress Management
Delegation And Employee Motivation
Coaching And Counseling Employees
Mindful Leadership: Unleashing Potential For Maximum Engagement

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