Why Hire an Executive Coach?

Are you a leader who wants to communicate influence and inspire your peers, Manager, or employees? 

Are you an organization who wants to empower High Potentials thru Sr Executives to improve their professionalism, leadership presence and results? 

Ascend Consulting provides customized solutions including:

  •  Individual Coaching
  •  Workshops
  •  Keynotes
  •  Leadership Retreats


Coaching, distinct from consulting, is a process that empowers leaders

  •  to improve self-awareness
  •  add to their leadership “toolbox”
  • gain 360 feedback
  • create an intentional customized development plan
  • take meaningful action toward their goals
  • gain support and accountability


 My clients improve their emotional intelligence, management skills, communication and resilience.  Mindfulness is a key underpinning of my approach- we cannot mange or alters behaviors and emotions of which we are not aware.  Mindful Leadership Coaching, integrated with “Conversational Intelligence”* can transform organizational culture!


If you are serious about transforming your own or your employees’ development, I invite you to check out my website and call me for an initial conversation.  www.ascendconsultng.net


*Conversational Intelligence, Judith E. Glaser. Bibliomotion, Inc., 2004.

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