You Go Girl! – Celebrating High-Achieving Women Leaders

Group of women celebrating women leaders

As a girl, I was taught to work hard, never be lazy, always do the work first (the work is never done) and get straight A’s – no matter what might be happening at home.

This discipline served me well as I became an exceptional high school student, musician, volunteer, and college grad, and eventually got my master’s degree summa cum laude. I’m not much different from so many high-achieving women out there. We are determined, hard-working achievers. We lead big corporations with rigor and grace; we can be single parents who raise respectful, caring sons and daughters; we keep a clean house, exercise, eat right, and take care of our aging and dying parents. We are strong, committed, resilient, and smart. Especially and always, we are hard-working.

But do we know that it’s OK to pull up a chair on the porch and sit and watch the sunset?

Do we know that it’s OK to let the kids buy lunch or to delegate and empower that junior leader instead of us pulling an all-nighter to get it right for the Board?

Do we know that there’s nothing more to prove – not even to ourselves?

On March 8, we celebrated International Women’s Day. I want to acknowledge and honor all the hard-working, high-achieving female leaders. Workers and team members – especially those who give of themselves, donate, and support causes to help their fellow humans! And I want to challenge each of us to take some time to enjoy that sunset, delegate, and be just a little bit lazy on a fairly regular basis. And to all the high-achieving, awesome role models out there (you know who you are), I say a resounding and heartfelt “thank you!”

Marjorie Johnson, Executive and Career Coach, Systemic Team Coach and Trainer

Marjorie Johnson, LCSW, PCC
Executive and Career Coach
Systemic Team Coach and Trainer

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