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Welcome To Ascend Consulting!

How the Ascend Consulting Process Helps You Reach Your Goal

How the Ascend Consulting Process
Helps You Reach Your Goal

“It is not where you start that matters, it’s where you are going, who you become, and the positive impact you have along the way.”
Marjorie Johnson, President, Ascend Consulting

Our Mission

To empower executives and professionals to realize their full potential and achieve greater success through skillful communication, mindful leadership, and emotional intelligence.

To help clients promote or re-invent their careers by navigating organizational dynamics, increasing business acumen, and improving results.

Our Clients Are

  • Managers and executives who want to improve their communication, conflict resolution, and people skills
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to grow to the next level
  • Professionals seeking to change careers
  • Professionals needing to improve productivity through better organization, time management, and focus

The Process

Coaching is a collaborative partnership based on provocative questioning to empower the client’s professional and personal development and goal attainment.

Business coaching begins with goal setting informed and refined by assessments to expand self-awareness. Together, we create a development plan with identified benchmarks to measure progress. The next months of coaching are devoted to generating exploring strategies and options, addressing obstacles, and taking bold action. Your goals are achieved through your commitment & accountability with my support.

business coaching philadelphia

Not sure which is best for you—counseling or coaching?

Sometimes life’s challenges are stressful and seem overwhelming, but change is possible! If you suffer from depression, anxiety, or family problems, then counseling rather than coaching may be best. Learn more about how my experience can help you recover.

Go to www.ascendcounselingpa.com to get started in your better life.

Interested in Counseling? Click here.

business coaching philadelphia

Marjorie Johnson is President of Ascend Consulting, a firm providing career and executive coaching, leadership training and development, and personal counseling to executives and professionals. Based out of West Chester, Pennsylvania, we provide coaching and training for executives and professionals in the greater Philadelphia area.

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