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Support Introverts and Extroverts on Your Hybrid Team

You want your team to be able to succeed in a hybrid work environment, but people will need different types of support depending on whether they identify as an introvert ...
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Finding Quiet after the Storms of COVID

Like many of you, I have found this year very stressful. Now that we (in the US) are “opening up” there seems to be this sense that all is okay ...
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team coaching

Announcing Systemic Team Coaching! (STC)

As we are (finally!) coming out of the worst of the pandemic, many of us are looking for something new to invigorate our lives and our organizations. In this spirit ...
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Female business leaders - ADHD

Successful female business leaders and entrepreneurs sometimes have symptoms of ADHD. If this is you, read on!

Don’t miss this extraordinary week of insight & answers for women with ADHD! Have you come up for air yet?  After the year we have been through, it is not ...
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Realistic Optimism

I read a brief article in The Week magazine comparing 2020 with all its awful challenges, deaths, and unrest with some of the other challenges we have endured over the ...
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Systemic Team Coaching

Systemic Team Coaching

As you look out at woods and farmlands that are barren now, what do you see? I see land that is rich in nutrients quietly preparing for the first seeds ...
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Holiday happiness

Happy Holidays!

There is no disputing that the holidays will be different this year. Many people have suffered multiple losses of health, finances and sadly family members who passed all too soon. ...
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Team Coach

Does Your Team Need a Coach?

Organizations and their teams have been stretched taut in 2020. Most employees did their best to juggle work and school. They have made communication work via screens rather than in ...
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