"I've been working with Marjorie as a business coach for over 2 years and she's been a huge help in starting and growing my business. Marjorie is warm and attentive and always has great suggestions for all sorts of situations. I can't recommend her highly enough."

Terry LaBan
Breakthrough Visuals
executive coaching services

Executive Coaching

Leadership is about influence. We work with fast-track, high-potential managers and seasoned senior executives to expand their ability to influence others through improved self-awareness, better communications, and deeper emotional intelligence. Learn more...

Career Coaching

Career Coaching can be of value at various stages of one’s life. Selecting the right career is essential to a successful and rewarding work experience, so the guidance of a coach in making that choice can be extremely helpful. Learn more...

Productivity Coaching

The challenges to high productivity are legion in today’s fast paced, technologically driven workplace. Distractibility, disorganization, poor time management and mental hyperactivity or “monkey mind” can interfere with problem solving, communication and meeting deadlines.  Leaders and team members in matrix organizations can face additional demands.   Some of our clients have a valid diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), others self identify with these difficulties without a specific diagnosis.  Learn more...

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