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"Marjorie Johnson has delivered impactful and timely presentations to members of the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce since I have lead the organization. The range of topics was beneficial for companies and organizations of all sizes and the chamber benefitted greatly. Her ability to moderate a variety of events from Nonprofit to Government Affairs also added value. We appreciate her contribution!"

Laurie Ryan, President
Exton Region Chamber of Commerce

“If Marjorie can do for other offices what she did for this office, it is money well spent.”

Emily Copeland
Vice President


We deliver informative and inspiring leadership training and keynotes relevant for new managers up thru the C-Suite in professional organizations, businesses, and non-profits. Superior leadership is developed through a mindful process of self-awareness and skills that include strategies to improve influence and responsiveness to others. Our programs are custom designed to enhance strategic thinking, optimize employee performance, and build collaborative relationships.

Specific programs include:

  • How to Take Your Company from Functional to Exceptional
  • Mindful Leadership: The Importance of Presence
  • Career Development Strategies for High Potential
  • Mindful Leadership: Unleashing Potential for Maximum Engagement
  • It’s Not IQ It’s EQ: People Skills That Work

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Constructive Criticism & Success

Communications Training

Excellent communication is the key to leading others to achieve organizational goals, and communication encompasses far more than just words. Listening, observing, words, tone, gesture, and body language all affect the effectiveness of your communications. By developing emotional intelligence and mindfulness, we help people at all levels to improve their communication skills enabling them to strengthen their relationships, develop their careers, and expand their influence to create successful, resilient organizations.

Specific programs include:

  • Got Workplace Tension? Difficult Conversations Made Easier
  • Getting to We: Creating Collaborative Culture through Communication
  • Performance Feedback That Works
  • Managers Guide to Communicating with Skill
  • Power Talk for Successful Women
  • I’d Rather Die than Speak in Public: Overcome Fear and Deliver Great Presentations

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Power Talk For Successful Women

Preview Communications Training -
Got Workplace Tension?


Stress undermines our health, performance at home and at work, and our enjoyment of life. Regular mindfulness meditation reduces stress, and improves focus and attention. We become calmer, better rested, and have a clear, open mind so we make better decisions and interact more successfully with others. Mindful leaders exhibit a confident presence that inspires peers and employees and leads to creative solutions to complex challenges. Training is offered individually and in small groups.

Specific programs include:

  • Expanding Leadership EQ through Mindfulness
  • Mindful Leadership: The Importance of Presence
  • “Breathe” your way to Healthy! Increase Wellness through Mindfulness
  • Beyond Work-Life Balance to Resilience
  • How to Manage Multiple Priorities and Stay Organized
Marjorie Johnson

Team Facilitation

Collaborative work does not magically appear! It takes skill, desire, intentional practice, and a healthy dose of clear two-way communication and conflict management. At Ascend Consulting, we train and coach small teams to learn and develop their skills. Programs are custom designed, highly interactive and relevant to build trust, open communication, and inspire collaborative and creative problem solving. Team building is custom designed for the unique mission, vision, values and challenges of the organization.

Sample titles include:

  • Collaborating for Success
  • Team Work is No Accident: Strategies to Lead Your Team to Exceptional Results


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