Our Approach

With over 30 years of experience, training and expertise in human behavior, relationship management and problem solving, we are uniquely qualified to maximize clients’ abilities in the service of their goals.

These are the principles and beliefs that are foundational to our work:

  • Growing and learning throughout life is a source of meaning and satisfaction.
  • Achieving goals requires strategic planning, critical analysis, benchmarks and unwavering commitment to become a reality. Hope is not a plan.
  • Obstacles, faced with courage, provide opportunities for growth.
  • Everyone has something valuable to contribute.  Cooperation moves our goals forward and builds up those that support us.
  • Self-awareness is essential to open, effective communication. The more aware and intentional we are, the more we can choose our emotional and behavioral responses: particularly in challenging but important conversations.
  • Skillful communication builds trust which opens the door to the collaborative relationships that make organizational goals a reality.
  • Leaders influence others. Mindful leaders do so with awareness, openness to other perspectives and the curiosity that releases potential for innovation and continued growth.

Objective feedback, support, and accountability are some of the benefits our clients receive.

Coaching Process

Initial Sessions:

  • Identify structure for ongoing coaching sessions
  • Select appropriate assessment tools
  • Read and discuss all relevant assessments and develop learning goals
  • Assist client in preparing development plan and agreement
  • Describe success from different perspectives: client, boss, colleagues and direct reports. What specific behaviors will change?
pharmaceutical executive coaching
healthcare executive coaching

Subsequent Sessions

  • Review crucial conversations from prior week
  • Follow up on fieldwork assignments
  • Review results of any assessments
  • Identify development opportunities for delegating or collaborating
  • Set specific goals for leadership presence tied to assessment findings
  • Define personal and professional challenges
  • Assign readings
  • Set the agenda for the next session

Speak with us about your executive; team coaching, and training needs and partnering with Ascend Consulting.

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