Productivity Coaching

The challenges to high productivity are legion in today’s fast paced, technologically driven workplace. Distractibility, disorganization, poor time management and mental hyperactivity or “monkey mind” can interfere with problem solving, communication and meeting deadlines. Leaders and team members in matrix organizations can face additional demands. Some individuals have a valid diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), others self identify with these difficulties without a specific diagnosis.

With our expertise in attention, organization and ADHD, and the neuroscience behind brain functioning we coach professionals to identify specific strengths and weaknesses in their approach to work through the use of various assessments. Clients learn skills and strategies that improve focus, organization and time management and reduce stress.  These gains not only enhance productivity, they can promote better working relationships and career advancement. The structure and accountability of coaching provides support for clients to implement and fine tune their productivity skills so they achieve their career goals.

Assessments May Include:

•  Myers Briggs Type Inventory®
•  Barkley & Murphy Current ADHD Symptom Scale – Self Report
•  WHO
•  Utah Criteria