Time for Your Executive Retreat?

healthcare executive coaching

When was the last time you invested in making designated time for your team to pause, come and think collaboratively?

You may be thinking, “yes, we do strategic planning every year”. While yearly strategic planning is necessary, I’m suggesting something even more important: think time away from daily pressures, emails, and other distractions.

A powerfully effective retreat provides senior leadership teams some or all the following:

  • Time to enjoy each other
  • Stronger team identity
  • Better connections based on trust
  • A safe space to ask, challenge & productively work through conflict
  • A fresh perspective to frame how we move forward
  • Renewed commitment to follow through

An executive retreat is presented by an experienced, trusted Coach, planned with input from the senior team and based on the current needs, strengths and challenges of the organization.

Team building & socializing is essential as is a serious commitment to professional growth and the pursuit of big, hairy, audacious goals! *Jim Collins Good to Great.

If you are considering this investment in evolutionary progress for your organization, contact marjorie@ascendconsulting.net.

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