Systemic Team Coaching

Systemic Team Coaching

As you look out at woods and farmlands that are barren now, what do you see? I see land that is rich in nutrients quietly preparing for the first seeds to fall in early spring. How do you and your organization view this quieter time before the Spring uptick? This is a time to assess your organization and to intentionally lay groundwork for success. Take a look at what’s happening beneath the surface in your teams, your departments. What is changing in your environment; in the needs of your customers? Business as usual didn’t cut it in 2020 and it won’t now. This can be a rich opportunity to envision future needs and build your organization’s foundation to meet those needs.

One of the best places to start is with your Senior Leadership Team. How clear and aligned are you in your mission? Better yet, how do your stakeholders view that mission? Is there congruence between and among your direct reports? How are you getting along internally as a team and how are you interfacing with all the stakeholders you touch?

Systemic Team coaching is a transformative process that impacts the team, its stakeholders throughout the organization, and directly impacts customer/product delivery.

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