The Importance of Leadership Alignment

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The Importance of Leadership Alignment

What would your direct reports say if asked about the alignment of your Senior Leadership Team based on your behavior? Would your DRs say the Senior Team is aligned and clearly communicates decisions? What kind of leadership are you modeling? Is your leadership intentional?

Often, we see, listen, and respond based on what we think we heard without checking out if that is actually the message that was communicated. It is critical for leaders to use reflective listening to be sure they know what the decision is. Their role in the implementation of that decision clearly communicates expectations to their direct reports.

Without such clarification, you may be modeling what seems like a lack of buy-in when it’s fuzziness about the targeted outcomes or timeline. This basic skill of reflective listening is critical for all communication, including the way a leader gives and receives feedback. Close the communication gap further by following up with an email that lists decisions made with deliverables, deadlines, and accountability. This type of clear communication given and received ripples throughout the organization and improves performance as well as morale.

Marjorie R. Johnson, LCSW, PCC, is a Certified Team Coach Practitioner (Global Team Coach Institute) and an executive coach.

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